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As the owner doing payroll every other week, do you find yourself always running out of time?  Here is an affordable way not only to get your time back, but to be able to improve payroll efficiency and speed at a very low cost.  FREE Additional online benefit for your employees. 

Manage the entire employment life cycle of your employees from one platform.

Cloud-based software gives you the ability to input data and access reports anytime from anywhere.

Document resources for payroll.

Robust reporting tools allow you to track time and attendance, payroll budget, time off requests, and much more.

MOBILE APP allows employees to check schedules, clock in and out, update information, and more from their phone.

Payroll Processing

  • Intuitive cloud-based system with easy reporting tools.
  • Easy to manage for any sized workforce
  • Tax filings and W2 distribution,
  • Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, and Physical check options available to pay employees, save pay stubs for future use.
  • Employees log on, track their time, and send to you for approval.
  • Then Newtek Payroll takes over.

Manage Payroll and Benefits
From online paystubs and payment management to 401(k) and worker’s compensation, you will have complete control over your information. Our online availability allows you to manage your account from any internet-connected computer.

Hand Money

Tax Management and Payroll Experts
Our team will review your individual payroll account and handle all of your tax payments and reporting needs on the state, local and federal levels. With real-time payroll processing and tax calculations, we simplify the tax process.


Assisted Payroll Enrollment
Our support specialists will help you get started with your payroll program quickly and painlessly. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand every aspect of our payroll service.

Computer and Mobile

Online Employee Pay Stubs
Your employee paystubs are available online for your mutual convenience. Employees can login and view their paystubs from any internet-connected computer.


Always-on Security
Never worry about the security of your financial data again. Your information is secured in our state-of-the-art data center facilities with around-the-clock monitoring and proactive security practices. We strive to ensure that your financial data is protected.

Data Backup

Automatic Backups, Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
Every aspect of our cutting-edge technology platform has been optimized to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. We provide automatic backups, redundancies and disaster recovery protocols to be sure there is never a threat of data loss.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit or Self-print Checks
Go paperless and save money! With our Online Solution, you have access to print physical checks, direct deposit vouchers, paystubs, and reports as you process your payroll (or at your convenience) without additional cost. Additional delivery methods are available.


Pricing Easy on your Budget
Our core Payroll solution includes many features that typically cost extra: Tax Filing, Garnishment Processing, New Hire Reporting, Direct Deposit, Employee Self Service, etc. Call us and we will complete a complimentary comparison of your payroll services and cost.

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Time & Labor

Feature Highlights

Time Payments
  • Time-off request workflow
  • Flexible accruals engine
  • Customizable reports
  • Workforce management dashboard
  • Scheduling and workday break down

The Power of Reporting


Flexible Pay Rules Capabilities
Calculate regular and overtime hours in no time. Complexities such as location and shift differentials are easily handled.

Time Off

Time-off Accrual Management
Account for eligibility, hours worked, tenure length and more.

Rate Tracking

Rate Tracking
Incorporate special rate conditions and effective dates, and assess the impact of those changes prior to running payroll.


Dynamic Scheduling
Enter and update schedules as needed, and on the fly, based on daily, weekly, or other recurring patterns.

Our Online Solution Will Transform The Way You Manage Staff:

  • Easily manage employee schedules and maximize productivity
  • Quickly review, approve, or decline time-off requests
  • All managers and/or employees access via self-service tools
  • Oversee multiple locations, see punches, manage exceptions

Our time and labor solution provides near limitless reporting capability and flexibility. Your employees and managers will have access to the exact data they need to see, when they need it.
Reporting features include:

  • Quick links to most important reports
  • Provide users with customizable views
  • Define management access to reports, such as restrictions to only their specific employees
  • Run projection reports to compare budgeted and actual hours worked
  • Export in all common formats, including Excel, PDF and others

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is your current solution or method able to handle complicated timekeeping scenarios?
  • Does your current solution or method scale with your business as it grows?
  • Is your current solution or method taking up too much of your time?
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